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Today I Dumped The Bodies: because art should be seen, not stored

is now:

eeekshare ~ excitement and sharing online and in life space

This blog project is interactive and collaborative. It is a blog for networking and sharing interests not only online but also in real life space. The goal is to feature interesting people, venues and anything created.

A “body” is a body of artwork, which is not limited to 2 and 3-d paintings or sculptures. I, Elanit OR the guest blogger leaves the original work of art in life space for the finder = i.e. “dump a body” or “get excited (about the location, object, life ~ anything!) and share.”

eeekshare is not limited to artists or artwork. Why would you want to share on eeekshare?

1. If there’s a place you would be eeekcited to blog about

2. If there’s someones artwork or intellectual property you would eeekcited to blog about

3. If you simply get eeekcited blogging

4. If you are an artist or intellectual and want to have your own work featured without blogging.

**HOW TO** eeekshare at the end of this page.

How the project started:

When I began this project I was living in Florida while my husband finished his master’s degree. He was quite busy with this task and was unable to come along. I brought his favorite drink on outings in lieu of him: Diet Coke. My work is influenced by environment and this project began out of my desire to find intellectually engaging places in Florida. This was a way to explore my surroundings, entertain myself and bring some love and eeekcitement to my new environment.

How it has grown in concept and work:

Engaging people has always been one of my goals as a conceptual artist. There is joy in community! eeekshare is an opportunity to do what I have always loved: featuring other artists, ideas and people. On the video page you will see where I collaborated with multiple performance artists, DJs, party promoters, installation artists and more on WEAR ME OUT. Our team brought a fashion show to anyone who wanted to enter 1/2 a block from Bryant Park during fashion week.

I collaborated with over eight-hundred people during All I Want For Christmas Is Nothing. The project was successful due to the people who attended and engaged with the work. And more recently in 2009, I collaborated with unemployed individuals of all backgrounds, educations and professions for Recession Art Sale.

In closing, this is the goal of my work: to engage people as an audience, rather than an art audience as an art audience.

The audience for eeekshare is anyone who finds a work of art. If art is found, it is free to the finder to keep. eeekshare engages communities across mediums, blogging and Internet communities as well as people who frequent venues such as bars, old age homes and miniature golf centers. There is no limit to location. eeekshare wants to engage artists and intellectuals who want to be featured. Wherever the work can be dumped, the audience is available.

Please email me directly from the contact page Or tweet me at elanitny

As the project grows, I hope to be an administrator much of the time. People can contact me with ideas for eeeksharing:

1. Elanit, I want to guest blog, please send me stickers and artwork

2. Elanit, I want to share a friend’s art, please simply send me stickers

3. Elanit, please share my work. What’s the address to send work to?

4. Elanit, I have a cool store, bar, office, backyard (whatever) can you please find someone to eeekshare here?

… and any additional ideas that you, the collaborators can think of.

Looking forward to working with you!

Best Wishes,


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